We search for Founding Member
to join VkusVill team
About us
Vkusvill is an innovative Russian distributor of healthy and local food with an assortment of c. 8,900 SKU including project (2,500 SKUs in the main format, 99+% private label, <1% other brands).
Revenue of $1,6 billion in 2020.

We are very customer centric company, listing and delisting products based on the customer feedback received in own loyalty app 10+ mln loyalty cards and 5,2 active customers 78% buy using VkusVill card.

Having built a very successful online & offline retail business in Russia (1,250+ m&b, + online in 2020) it now seeks to expand to 3-4 countries in Europe in 2021
You can find out more about our history and how we work in our book.
We love independent and ambitious people. We are ready to cooperate:
• if you are experienced in creating your own business;

• if you are ready to start
from the very beginning and do multiple tasks such as creating an effective team around you, legal entity registration, searching for a location for the future store, managing everything connected to operational activities and development;

• if you implement Lean approach and use MVP tools

• if you support teal management and feel comfortable working independently. You do not wait for somebody to generate ideas and explain to you what to do. You are a person who decides where to go.
Who we are looking for
We are not just investor or franchisor.
We are looking for cooperation based on your and our ideas and experience.
What we offer:
• employment contract
• project financing
• IT technologies (cashier software, ERP 1С:Enterprise, web-application for IOS, Android)
• export of products from Russia
• sharing of expertise in product management, food quality control, Brand supporting and development)
What is the "pain(s)" of consumers on your local Food market?
You know them better than us.
And we have some experience how to grow up a profitable business from scratch.
We are looking for your ideas first
• Present us your idea(s) how to fix those pain points
• Work out hypothesis and plan how to test and validate them in a lean way
• Be ready and excited to start implementation of the ideas asap
How to proceed?
4 steps
Send us your ideas by e-mail.
Important! Your ideas should be based on the pain of consumers in the food market
We discuss ideas together and try to find points of growth and critical moments
After discussing the idea together we expect a small plan for the first month from you
Step-by-step actions that can prove that this pain really exists on the market
Description of your actions
The last step will be to present your idea to our founder who will make the investment decision.
Tell us about yourself
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