VKUSVILL is looking for passionate teams with visionary leaders ready to build a local retail business with a deep feeling of customer needs


> 1300
Stores in Russia in 9 years.
No leverage.
No external investors
Cities in Russia
NPS 8,9/10
Sincere customer feedback
that motivates us
50 %
Share of the ultra-fresh products

> 100
Darkstores opened in 2021
4,67/ 5
Average product rating
Revenue growth ( from 2020 to 2021 )
Stores in the Netherlands
since 2020
I love the approaches that are common in physics: you come up with hypotheses, then you test them, see the results, verify them. Finally, distribute and scale them up. What is now common practice in business, comes from scientific procedures in physics, and this is something we are also taught in science careers
Andrey Krivenko
Founder & CEO of VKUSVILL
People first. Humanocracy
• No franchise.
• Partnerships with local teams
• Strong focus on the customers' needs
• Validate hypothesis and scale-up
• Lean approach
• No middle management. No bureaucracy. No directives
• Open communication & self-management
• Self-regulating system based on "promises"
Our vision is to create quality nutrition for everyone.
VkusVill is a fresh food brand that conveniently brings affordable and quality nutrition to its customers
Our Mission
Our Values
Non-conventional expansion
With Customers
How We Build Trustful Partnerships
Convenience. We remove the tyranny of choice. On our shelves, the customers will find the best item that we have chosen for them

Transparency. We are keen on giving all details about the product's ingredients on the packaging. No bad surprises
Communication. We really listen to the buyers' opinions, and we are ready to instantly optimize our product range
Responsibility. Since we are first responsible for the quality of our products, they all underly strict and constant testing
With Suppliers
How We Build Trustful Partnerships
No slotting (marketing) fees. Excellent products deserve to be showcased

No penalties. No retro bonuses
No entry fees. We want honest relationships: you trust us and we trust you!

We prioritize local producers
How We Build Trustful Partnerships
With Our Teams
We have a horizontal hierarchy: no bureaucracy, no leaders who tell you what to do

Every co-worker has the right and the resources to decide what to do. The sense of responsibility will be awarded
System of "promises" instead of penalties and KPIs
Any co-worker has the right to make mistakes. On the other hand, conscious treason doesn't match our values.
You can found out more about history and how we work
Press Room
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How A Russian Giant Disrupts The Retail Industry
Healthy foods will make you feel better!
We Are Looking For The Teams With...
Experience in food retail
Cross-functional skills
Great intuition for the
customers' needs
Passion for our vision of mission
An agile, lean approach and product management abilities
A multi-cultural orientation
What Do You Need To Open
a VKUSVILL Store In Your Country
An idea you're on fire with
Innovative grocery shop concept
Business plan & figures
A team you believe in
Let's talk about your project
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The Expertise We Offer To Future Partners
Fast investment process
We make quick decisions. This way, we help you to set a more ambitious goal and achieve a better result
Lean approach
Don't be afraid of making mistakes - be autonomous! You are able to instantly implement customers feedback
Entrepreneurial freedom
One of our major strengths is our culture of innovation. Tell us about your most creative ideas!
food retail consulting
You get full access to our know-how about: from launching a delivery service to creating
e-commerce applications
Our Team
Nadège Semenova-Brullova
Senior Team Hunter,
Head of International Development
The phrase "You do everything wrong" inspires us the most. And we believe it is the one right way to progress
Victoria Pinchuk
Team Hunter, Team coordinator
I like entrepreneurs to be able at the same time to combine the belief in their idea with the ability to question and rethink it.
Anastasia Alifirova
Team Hunter, Team coordinator
What I appreciate most in a partnership: the courage to try new ideas, the sincerity, the trust and the good measure of business metrics
Why Customers Trust To Us
Everything they do and have at VKUSVILL is guided by their purpose and a customer-first mentality
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